Chia seeds: nutritional value, types of seeds, where to source them from and all you need to know about this superfood

A handful of berries, a few ounces of skimmed milk, two spoonfuls of oats, and a generous sprinkle of chia seeds – recipe to one of the healthiest and fortifying breakfast there is. 

But how many of us know the kind of value Chia seeds add to our health. Not too many. So, we are here to tell why you must stock up on it and that it is as pivotal as salt and turmeric in your diet.

Chia seeds fall into the superfood category, which is all the more reason for us to consider it an integral part of our eating habits. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to help lower blood pressure and improve cardiac health. 

If you are someone who is on a diet, chia seeds are all the more beneficial to you because it packs in more nutrient with less amount of calories. Which is good news, and there are not too many food items that do that. Anything and everything we eat is rich in carbs. Therefore, we need to control our portions. With Chia seeds, less is more. 

Chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants. Over the years, scientists and researchers have found that antioxidants have a positive impact on us. Green tea, ring a bell? 

The fiber content is high in Chia seeds. More fiber in the gut = happy good bacteria. The good ones have to be fed to keep the gut healthy, which is why the seeds are so essential. 

For those trying to lose weight – go for Chia seeds. It’s high fiber and protein content will keep you full longer, helping in the reduction of food intake. However, please note that consuming Chia seeds alone is not going to help lose those extra kilos. For desired results, one must chart a healthy diet and exercise regularly. 


How to buy the best Chia seeds? 

To find the perfect ones, look for those that are speckled black or white. Avoid those that are uniformly brown because that coloration means the seeds haven’t matured fully and therefore, are low on nutrients. 


What are the types of Chia Seeds?

Primarily, they are of two types – black and white, and both are extracted from the Salvia Hispanica plant. They can be eaten whole but at times they come ground or milled. The milled ones are made using special machinery that doesn’t heat the seeds and helps to keep the Omega 3 fatty acids intact. 

They are often milled to improve the texture of it. Many don’t prefer to consume it whole. 


Why buy in bulk?

Your customers will not complain if you offer them kilos of Chia seeds because it gets used up. Plus, if packaged and stored properly, they stay fresh and safe to consume for up to five years. 

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Bonus tip: 

Chia seeds are versatile. You can add them to your pudding, oatmeal, smoothies, and even sprinkle a few on top of your favorite salad, and you will not regret it. Most of these are simple and everyday recipes that take a few minutes of your time, and adding Chia seeds to them takes a lesser amount of time. In no time, you’ll have recipes that not only taste good but come with a massive amount of nutrients. 


Chia seeds smoothie recipe

For this, you’ll need two spoonfuls of oatmeal, 100 ml of milk, a few berries of your choice, a banana if you like, and a handful of Chia seeds. Add all of the above to a mixer jar and blitz it for a minute, and you’ve made yourself a delicious snack/ breakfast smoothie. 

This smoothie is a heavy breakfast and a nutritional one as well. It will keep your gut from making weird noises while you present your sales pitch at work 🙂 



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