Glass bottles or metal containers? Packing spices is a tricky task but we are here to make it easy

The aroma that freshly-ground spices bring to our plates is unmatched. It adds flavor to any dish and can transform a bland meal without much hassle. They occupy a considerable amount of space in everyone’s kitchens, and therefore, a crucial part of the food industry. 


But, they can deliver on taste and aroma only when they are fresh, this is where food packers come in. Spices react with dust and air, which results in it going stale very quickly.

To ensure that the freshness of spices stays intact packaging services must pack it airtight. Once sealed, there should be no room for the contents of the pack to interact with the outside environment. That way, spices stay in their original shape and form. 

Fresh products equal good sales – that should always be the focus. With that thought, we’ll help you understand better the kind of packaging you could use for spice products and why. 

Designing packaging solutions can be tricky – it has got to be airtight, the right size, and aesthetically pleasing to catch the eye of potential buyers.



In today’s time and age, it’s easy to get spoilt for choices. There are tons of options out there, but you need to know about each of them first before you can make your decision. 

Corks is an option one can look into. In addition to being supremely functional, it is decorative. Also, they are pretty bendable and soft, which makes operating any container with corks quite easy. Just a firm press and you’re done. 

Snap-on caps are a great option. If you are someone who’s invested in BPA and lead-free solutions, this is your pick. And much like corks, it can be opened and closed easily and quickly too. 

The metal and plastic screw caps make for one of the widely-used closures. It’s convenient but the materials used could prove to be hazardous. Metals catch rust and plastic is best avoided given the environmental damage it is known to cause. 


Pouches and bags

The possibilities are endless here. Flat pouches to hold single-servings of spices that will help with promotional gigs at stores. Flat-bottom pouches blend functionality with aesthetics perfectly. It helps with shelf-stability and, at the same time, gives any counter a classy touch. Gusseted bags come with a sturdy structure that is also mostly, puncture-proof, and this is precisely what we need when it comes to packing our spices. Stand-up pouches could also be a go-to packaging solution. 


Bottles and jars

Packaging spices and seasonings in glass containers that come with a perfectly-fitted lid help keep the freshness of its contents as is. The pungency of a particular spice is largely dependent on whether or not it has come in contact with air. Some spices may experience caking after it has interacted with moisture. Therefore, when going for glass bottles, one must ensure that it has a tight cap. Mason jars are a great option here. They are not only very modern and decorative in its look and feel, but also keeps the product fresh. 

However, the only downside of packaging in a glass container is it doesn’t keep the lights out, which is also the other factor that causes spices to lose aroma. 

What are our next options? Metals and tin containers are a perfect replacement. Not only does it keep the spices fresh, but also ensures that they are away from direct sunlight. Yes, one cannot see the contents of the bottles but what are labels for?

Having said, the optimal packaging solutions for spices and seasonings will always be dependent on the type and amount of product. Imagine pouring salt out of a gusseted bag – not quite relatable right? Now, picture yourself sprinkling some salt from a typical spice jar that comes with a flip and sift cap. Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Also convenient. All the consumer has to do is buy the jar, and place it on the dinner table, ready for use.

Please note, packaging designs should be flexible and easy to use for buyers. 


To conclude, spices and seasonings require extra care when being packaged. And it’s hardly ever a one-size-fits-all solution. Zero in on your packaging materials once you have thoroughly understood the nature of the spices you’d be packing.


Custom Food Packaging doesn’t just help you source the best quality spices from around the world but also helps you package it in appropriate packaging. We also store and distribute it and can provide support with your marketing needs. To know more about the types of raw products we can ethically source for you check out and get in touch with us at  18448103776 or receive a free quote here


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