Importance of food safety certificate and why you should have it

The purpose of certification in any profession is not just to ensure that a product is safe to use but also to warrant that the business holding the credential has met the professional and ethical standards to run that business. Customers are especially skeptical when it comes to food, and they ensure to locate various certifications on them before purchasing them.

Importance of having a certified facility

Certification in a food facility is a third-party verification of products, processes, or systems in the food supply chain. The certification is given only if the company meets the accepted food safety standards. It is proof that the company is in compliance with the standard laws and includes procedures such as laboratory test reports, inspection body reports, supplier declarations, etc.

A food facility gets its certification after going through several audits, food tests, and inspections. Purchasing from a certified food manufacturing facility gives buying confidence to the customers. It creates surety of their products and that the products from a certified facility are acceptable on national or/and international standards.

Getting a certification is an announcement that the food products are manufactured under hygienic conditions and safe to consume. Obtaining a certification is highly beneficial for the business as it signifies the quality and safety of the food products.

What are the types of food certification people should look for?

Certifications endorse the fulfillment, by the applicant business, of a series of requirements that could be regulatory or legal or voluntary in nature.

The health authorities mandate that the food that is consumed should be safe and of high quality. The levels of safety and quality should be maintained consistently throughout the production chain till the food is consumed by people. There are many types of regulations and different types of certifications that guarantee safety and quality of food or that it is appropriate to be consumed by a specific group of people.

Some of the certifications that one should look for in a food manufacturing facility include:

  • FSSC 22000
  • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
  • International Featured Standards
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • No GMO and others

There are many more different types of certifications, but the ones mentioned above are certifications that are accepted globally and are the most recognized ones.

Certifications of Custom Food and Packaging

We at Custom Food and Packaging also understand the responsibility of following the laws set by the government and the requirements of the customers and therefore have obtained some certifications.


It is a product and process certification standard that ensures a food facility is compliant to the industry’s best practices. This certification is recognized internationally, and its mark on the packaged product shows that the food is safe to eat and of high quality. The certification is performed by a third-party who audits, keeping in mind the Standard necessities by an accredited certification organization. BRC certificate is highly accredited on international food chain standards.


Having a Kosher certification ensures that the food products respect the principles of Jews thus, they can be consumed by the people practicing Jewish religion. From the production to cleaning of the machinery all every procedure ensures that the precepts of the Jewish religion are abided by. The Kosher certification is gaining a competitive edge on international standards and is significant for export.

Besides the BRC and Kosher, there are several other food certifications that we have obtained.

We strive to provide exceptional services to our customers!

At Custom Food and Packaging, we offer a variety of services in food manufacturing. Some of our services include organic packaging service, sealing, labeling, material supply, food co-packaging service, inventory management, custom food packaging, and more. We ensure our services surpass the expectations of our customers by providing them with all types of food-related services under the roof.


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