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Learn More about Delicious and Flavourful Types of Veggie Chips

If you do not like veggies, maybe veggie chips could be your new buddy in the food zone. Veggie chips have the crunch factor in their favor, making them all the more irresistible for eating. The popularity of veggie chips has grown over the years and store shelves are filled with veggie chips by popular brands. Custom Food Packaging, one of the reputed private label chip manufacturers, offers a wide range of delicious and lip-smacking chips for customers of all ages. Here are different types of veggie chips that you can enjoy whenever your taste buds get hungry.

  1. Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potato chips make an excellent snack when you are working, or traveling, or enjoy a birthday party. Sweet potato contains a lot of fiber, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Along with that it also comprises beneficial antioxidants. Baked sweet potato chips are a healthier option while retaining their natural sweetness.

  1. Green Bean Chips

These might not be like your usual potato chips, but they are still wonderful to enjoy. It contains vitamins and other similar nutrients. Green Bean chips can satisfy your cravings and you won’t even have to take out your bag of greasy potato chips. Eating green bean chips, you can avoid junk foods in between meals and satisfy your hunger.

  1. Kale Chips

Kale tastes tasty when it is baked into some awesome veggie chips. Kale chips are wonderful and a nutritious substitute to salty, oily, junk foods. With some of the most traditional flavors and spices, kale chips taste heavenly for those looking for a cheesy and nutty flavor. These chips are best when eaten fresh and store them in an air-tight container if you are planning to enjoy them for a few additional days.

  1. Spinach

Remember ‘Popeye The Sailor’, where Popeye would eat the spinach, gain the strength, and save the day. But not everyone likes spinach. But what about Spinach chips? With a high amount of iron, Spinach chips are a better alternative to some other greasy, deep-fried chips. Made from fresh spinach, Spinach chips are a guilt-free snack and sprinkled with some Italian herbs, they can be a special addition to your cousin’s birthday party. 

  1. Mushroom Chips 

Mushrooms contain a lot of fiber, and Vitamin D. Be it baked or fried, Mushroom chips can be one of the most flavorsome things you would taste with healthy spices and seasonings. If you spend most of your time sitting in the office, working, maybe baked mushroom chips can be your healthy companion filled with great flavors and low carbs.

  1. Brussels Sprouts Chips

Brussels sprouts are a good source of energy and can keep you energized throughout your weary afternoons at the office. It can help you power through your day with zest and satisfied taste buds. Brussels Sprouts are also useful in keeping your sugar level in control. Serve your aromatic and pleasant-tasting chips with a chili dipping sauce on the side for your guests.

  1. Tomato Chips

Thinly sliced and roasted tomato chips can garnish any dinner table and look appetizing. With their tangy taste and a sprinkle of palatable salts and seasonings, tomato chips are the best when eaten with basil and parmesan. Tomato chips are some real snacks for your kids when they come back home after a long tiring day at school, or when you are sitting in your office, hungry, and waiting for the day to get over so that you can have your dinner. 

Custom Food Packaging

Vegetable chips can be a perfect addition to your snacks’ collection. If you have a craving for the best chips in wide varieties, Custom Food Packaging, one of the top chip manufacturing companies, can provide it for you. With over 15 years of experience in packaging and manufacturing, we have all the experience and equipment needed to deliver top-quality chips for our customers. 


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