Things To Consider When Choosing a Popcorn Packaging Material

Packaging plays a key role in the popcorn food industry. Nevertheless, it can be challenging for popcorn manufacturers to choose the right packaging material as per their clients’ needs while also ensuring that popcorn’s top quality doesn’t get affected throughout the process of manufacturing and transporting the popcorn to the client’s designated destination.

One of the major concerns about choosing packaging materials is the cost. Along with being affordable, the material should also be suitable for protecting the popcorns during transportation, storage, and distribution.

Here are a few factors that one should consider when it comes to popcorn packaging, something Custom Food Packaging always takes care of. 

  1. Excellence and Functionality

There are a variety of attractive packaging materials available. However, they can only be used if they can save popcorn from turning soggy and other damages. You need to find a high-quality packaging material that will keep your popcorn secure until they reach the customers. Otherwise replacing damaged goods can be very expensive. 

  1. Design of the package 

Another thing you need to think about is what kind of design your popcorn packaging would have. You can use standard size, shape, and design, which are already used by other private label popcorn manufacturers to pack the popcorn. It will make it easier to store, manage, and transport the packages. By making smarter design choices you can also make your product look attractive and efficient. 

  1. Cost-effective Pricing

The cost of packaging material also makes an impact on the final price of the product. A wide range of packaging materials is available at varying costs. You can check different options to see which would be most suitable for your product while also being affordable. It will help with the handling of popcorn packages, reduce transportation costs, and increase efficiency. 

  1. Sustainability

You must choose material and equipment for popcorn packaging that will comply with the industry standards and legitimate guidelines. Along with that, the packaging also boosts the sustainability of the food. If plausible, you can choose eco-friendly options that will not only enhance the reputation of your firm but also reduce the wastage. 

Inventive and thoughtful packaging can be used to share your business’s real values and also meet the expectation of the target audiences. Popcorn manufacturers should take some time to research and select the right packaging material and make sure that the material keeps the popcorn safe and flavorful until they reach the hands of the end-user. 

Why Choose Custom Food Packaging? 

Custom Food Packaging is one of the leading private label popcorn manufacturers in Canada. We offer a wide range of different flavored popcorn for wholesale buying. Our highly equipped storage facility allows us to manufacture, store, and sell the top-quality popcorn all through the year. 

We serve a variety of clients who buy popcorn from us at wholesale for reselling. We have an excellent understanding of all our associates and work in sync with them to make sure that there is never a shortage of popcorn supply at any time of the year. Some of the most delicious popcorn flavors we offer are Blackberry, Caramel, Butter, Salted, Mango, Vanilla, Cake, Cheese, Spicy, Chocolate, Pizza, and many more. 

Our popcorns are made available in unique attractive tins and a variety of other combinations for wholesale buying. Our main strength is to deliver customized popcorn packaging to our customers based on their needs and budget. We have a highly-qualified staff who are always careful when fulfilling clients’ orders. Our popcorn packaging comes in different forms including tins, boxes, bags, or any other custom packaging.

Along with the variety of food items and food packaging services, we also offer services such as private labeling for a variety of food and packaging products including healthy breakfast, dietary supplements, toddler foods, ready-made meals, organic food, pasta, sauces, & curries, etc. 


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