Thinking about going for private label? Know the advantages first!

Private label means manufacturing or packaging a product for sale under the name of the retailer instead of the manufacturer. The retailer specifies the details of the product, like the description of the label, packaging, what goes in its making, etc. This product is then sold out under the retailer’s brand name. For example, a beauty salon creates its own branded line of products, a pet store can private label their own line of pet foods, pet grooming tools, etc. Almost every product that is used by a person is either branded or private label. For example, cosmetics, household cleaners, dairy items, personal care, frozen food, paper products, etc. all are all available in both branded and private label categories. Private label food service in Canada like custom food packaging, organic packaging services, etc. are very much in trend nowadays. Why not find out about these food services in Toronto and discuss its underlying factors.

Why should an entrepreneur go for a private label?

Let us discuss the advantages of private label for an entrepreneur and why should one go for it.

  • Starting a new business can have multiple challenges, especially when it comes to production. A private label allows you to have complete control over the product quality and the quality of the ingredients used. Because the manufacture of the product in private label is taken care of by the third party, this allows you to have complete control over the production.
  • When starting a new business, the finance or the funds are limited and need to be handled carefully. Private label reduces the cost of factory set up, inventory management, etc. thus allows you to have control over the product cost and product price, which in turn increases the cost benefits. Apart from this, there are additional costs like the hiring of the manufacturing team, training, etc. which also gets eliminated because of contract packaging or food co-packaging services and other services of private label.
  • You can add new specifications, features, etc. depending on the market reaction. If you see the demand for a new product or feature, as a small and growing firm, you can get a private label production to meet the response of the market.
  • By going for a private label, you can dedicate time, money, and other resources to other business functions. Because private label will take care of the production, which in itself is very demanding in terms of resources, you can increase the profitability of your products.
  • It is very obvious that as an entrepreneur, you will want to create your own brand and have total control over it. A private label allows you to bear your brand name on the products and gives you full control on the packaging design as well. Therefore, this gives you control over the branding of your product as well.

All the advantages that we discussed above lead to one very important point, that is, it reduces your headache. When you are ensured that your production and packaging is taken care of, it not only reduces your expenditures, it also reduces to a great amount the stress and workload of having to manage everything on your own.

Custom Food Packaging is one of the best private label food services in Canada. We believe in quality and quality alone. Our team of experts makes sure that your products stand out in the market, and deal with honesty and integrity. Whether you are looking to expand your food line, or start a new one, we always promote fair trade and offer you an end-to-end solution for your private label. Here are the services that we offer in our private label.

  • Healthy Breakfasts: If you are looking for products for your breakfast line, then you are in the right place. We offer you reasonable and environment-friendly, vegan, and non-vegan breakfast products, which include gluten-free pancakes, chocolate super oats, etc.
  • Dietary Supplements: We have a wide range of dietary supplements to match your private label requirements. We have more than 35 products which are designed to meet all the necessary points related to diet and health. These products are vegan and natural, which comes in containers of 60 tablets with a childproof cap. Our products have other additional features which make us a leading private label in Canada.

Apart from these we also have products related to:

  • Toddler foods
  • Ready-made meals
  • Organic food
  • Pasta, sauces, and curries

We at Custom Food Packaging offer you a BRC and Kosher certified facility and the best quality food products and service. To know more about our private label products, contact us today on 1-844-810-3776, or visit our website. You can also get a quote for your product, all you have to do is fill up your details on the website and we will contact you.


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